Why Master Odor Removal?

Neutral is the New Scent Standard!™

Exceptional Results Are What We Deliver Every Time!

Frustrated after trying to use over-the-counter products?

    ✔️ Need a recognized industry leader, 5 Star reviewed, affordable, and an insured expert to help?

    ✔️ Have you already or do not want to spend a fortune remediating a problem odor by only to not be assured the problem odor(s) will just come back with time?

    ✔️ The odor(s) problem is so bad that it immediately needs an odor only specialist?

    ✔️ Hired cleaners, painters, pest / plumber / air conditioning pros and still smell it?

    ✔️ Want the A/C serviced at no charge?

    ✔️ Do you, or family members, pets need a service and solutions that are green certified?

    ✔️ Must have a comprehensive inspection or service report for court or to keep a renter’s deposit?

Neutral is the New Scent Standard!™

We solve tough auto, home and commercial odor issues such as tobacco, marijuana, food, cooking odors, pet urine, mildew, old building syndrome and air conditioning problems. We have only official Master Odor Removal™ owner / service professionals eager to help you!

We use a unique 21st century molecular 2 Step System. MOR’s “white-glove” and green certified business offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We never use toxic ozone machines or chlorine gas or cover-ups!

A licensed and insured service professional will come to your location and rarely needs more than 1-4 hours and your interiors are restored to neutral again! NO CONTACT SERVICE AVAILABLE!

Among the recognitions earned by the company: 2014 brought a United States Patent-Pending #61/998,443; launched our home-based business licensing opportunity awarding protected territories to independent licensees; 2106 dynamic re-branding from an established national brand and awarded Platinum Green Certification for our business practices. Our services are direct to B2B and private party clients.

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Master Odor Removal services pledges to restore home and auto interiors to back to odor free as fast as possible. We will do so through the use of green methods and best practices. 





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