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100% Satisfaction Guarantee*

At Master Odor Removal™ we have only one metric – that you are satisfied within reason and seven days post-treatment with the value you receive. Normally our unique chemical process can reach it so we guarantee it.

If you are not satisfied with our odor neutralization services, you can request another service for the original odor problem.

We do not normally service or guarantee ceiling fans, blinds, cabinets, garage doors, mattresses, and some furnishings.

We do not guarantee if recommended replacements are not adhered to; if there are mitigating circumstances discovered pre or post service or reintroduction of the odor(s) or odor(s) are not present on follow-up inspection or if client applies another process after our treatment prior to our re-inspection.  

If you have a chemical or fragrance sensitivity, please notify us prior to treatment. We can have you smell the chemicals and approve to use at your own risk. Products are non-allergenic, cruelty-free, and biodegradable.

FL ONLY: If suspected Florida Building Syndrome (FBS) (musty odors without visual causes or prior mold / mildew / flood / plumbing leaks) with verbal acknowledgement, all clients understand that while we professionally strive to eliminate, mitigation, not removal may only be possible when approving our services.

Additional service fee may be required due to travel and / or expired satisfaction term.


Check Our Our FAQs

What is Master Odor Removal?

Since 1995, we have been the pro-active leader in malodor identification and elimination, serving the niche dealership and private party auto market, residential and commercial properties of all kinds. We never use ozone or chlorine gas.

What are Master Odor Removal chemicals made from?

Only the highest quality biodegradable rated chemicals are used for Master Odor Removal services. The chemical is nontoxic, non-staining, non-carcinogenic and non-ionic.


How reliable are Master Odor Removal's products and services?

The Master Odor Removal service is extremely reliable and is guaranteed to work the first time in most cases under 2 hours for autos and 4 hours for home interiors. Hand applied to all materials in the interior services. We do not leave until the odor(s) do!

How much does Master Odor Removal service cost?

Pricing will depend on your needs and interior space size. We normally can provide a solid quote over the phone. Ask about service special pricing when you call.

Verified Client Reviews

Bought a preowned luxury car for the wife and we discovered very strong tobacco smoke odor throughout. Our car now smells amazing with no smoke smells anymore, just neutral like they advertise!

Adam G.

We recently bought a home and knew going in that it had a really bad cat odor. I came across Master Odor Removal and couldn’t be happier with the results! …the house is now completely odor free!

Tom K.

Being a manufacturing company there are lots of equipment and odors. Master Odor Removal did a tremendous job and left the office smelling great! Highly recommended!

Gloria J.

I had an electrical fire in my car a month ago and the smell would not go away. They were at my house within 2 hours and the smell is completely gone!! I’ll be hiring him to remove the stale odor for my boat!

Lisa W.

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Master Odor Removal services pledges to restore home and auto interiors to back to odor free as fast as possible. We will do so through the use of green methods and best practices. 




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