OZONE ODOR — 2100 Sq. Ft. Condo

In March 2017, Master Odor Removal successfully completed an odor remediation and elimination of two base odors in a 2100 sq. ft. condo that had been “serviced” by an ozone company. The owners were sickened and concerned about their pregnancy in the aftermath of 5 days of ozone machines running in the interior. The burnt metallic smell had infected all the rooms, closets, clothing and bedding – without removing the tobacco smoke they initially had been hired to remove!

We encounter may clients who went with an ozone process without foreknowledge of the potential to create more odor and health issues.

We had to treat the entire interior spaces including: ceiling, walls, flooring, cabinets, closet doors, furniture and the air conditioning system with our 1ST Step Molecular chemical by hand. We saturated the painted and stained surfaces until the ozone molecules and tar were “drawn” out of all the surface areas. As our work proceeded the ozone / smoke odors were eradicated with each room treated.

The scope of our work included odor source remediation, ceiling and wall treatments A/C electrochemical fogging and fogging treatments in the entire casitas and main home’s bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms and kitchen. Ozone Generators Do Not Remove Particulates AND Leave Behind Risks

A third factor to consider when looking at ozone generators is that they do not remove particulates such as dust or pollen from the air. This includes the particles which are primarily responsible for allergic reactions. To combat this, some ozone generators include an ionizer which disperses negatively charged ions into the air. In recent analysis’s, this process was found to be less competent than direct application services.

Even if ozone generators were proven to be effective at eliminating these chemicals, there are certain side effects everyone must be aware of. Many of the chemicals ozone reacts to results in a variety of harmful by-products. While the target chemicals may be reduced, the dangerous byproducts rendered the process moved.

  • Ozone molecules were remediated and air quality tested
  • Tar from 3rd hand smoke was drawn out of surfaces and air conditioning units.
  • Time was of the essence and discretion is paramount, to minimize the owner’s stress and health concerns during pregnancy.
  • Master Odor Removal’s professionalism, approach and technical expertise enabled the owner to move back into their home.
  • Therefore, unlike competing technologies which address odor problems with gas solutions such as ozone that typically increase the possibility of adding additional odors and not solving the primary odor concern; Master Odor Removal’s unique odor inspection protocols and subsequent application of our 2-Step Molecular process effectively offsets any additional client costs while simultaneously increasing the expected odor removal we guarantee.