Master Odor Removal. Finally a white-glove proven odor removal service that is a Green Certified Business! Master Odor Removal™ is a national leader in providing odor removal and neutral interior solutions. MOR’s “white-glove” and green certified business systems offer a 100% Guarantee! We solve auto, home and commercial odor issues such as tobacco, marijuana, food, cooking odors, pet, mildew and air conditioning problems through our corporate and licensee network across the world. Our unique service is non-toxic, non-staining, non-ionic, hypo-allergenic and we never use ozone or toxic cover-ups!A licensed and insured service professional will come to your location and rarely needs more than 2 -3 hours and your interiors are restored to neutral again! We offer an affordable Green Certified business that permanently eliminates the toughest vehicle interior and the A/C system odors. If you have tobacco, cigar, marijuana, vapes, pet, mildew, and more. All of these smells come from microscopic molecules and / or bacteria that attach themselves to the upholstery and plastics of your vehicle. Our system draws out these odors from all of the porous material inside your vehicle. Even if the odor has been left untreated for a length of time. We service Bentley, Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, Porsche, Maserati, Cadillac, Lincoln, Chevy, Ford, GMC, Hyundai, Kia – every make and model! New, Pre-Owned, Used, Classic, Vintage and Exotics, including RVs! Get your ride smelling back to its original neutral again – 100% Guaranteed. Never ozone or toxic cover-ups! Our is a white glove service every time! MOR knows real estate. Let’s face it, your home is your domain. You also have the right to protect everyone who lives with you from bad odors! We get it, there are times when you need to get things back to “neutral”! Whether you own, manage, rent or have decided to sell -it is our goal to make sure every home interior we service (and we service a lot of real estate) is professional, quick and effective the 1st time! Call us today for a free estimate – we make it affordable to have your peace of smell back! These are the top ten odors real estate experts say will turn off buyers and renters alike! · Cigarette smoke · Cat urine · Dog odors · Other pet odors · Musty · Pungent cooking odors – garlic, onions, curry

Master Odor Removal is in a niche business category, i.e. the firm only does odor removal. Consumers typically have not had any real exposure to odor removal specialists. Real estate professionals, auto dealerships, and the general public for the most part only know that if they had a tobacco, pet or food odor problems, hiring a maid service for a deep house cleaning or auto detailing without any guarantees regarding chemicals used or real effectiveness was the only option. With the continuous release of new scientific studies regarding the toxic nature of retail chemicals used as air fresheners and cover-ups, the company realizes they are already in line with green practices, which seamlessly added to the narrative for Master Odor Removal as being the best choice for odor elimination service.