Master Odor Removal™ -South Florida is a national leader in providing odor removal and neutral interior solutions. MOR’s “white-glove” and green certified business systems offer a 100% Guarantee! We solve auto, home and commercial odor issues such as tobacco, marijuana, food, cooking odors, pet, mildew and air conditioning problems through our corporate and licensee network across the world. Our unique service is non-toxic, non-staining, non-ionic, hypo-allergenic and we never use ozone or toxic cover-ups!


John K *****

After using Master Odor Removal I will never use anyone other than them. The feeling of having your home up and running again so quickly is something I strongly value and desperately needed. In addition to their stellar customer service, their timing couldn’t have been more accommodating and convient. After a particularly disasterous fire involving a whole chicken, I had very little hope that the residual smell of burnt animal could be entirely removed, as the smoke smell literally stuck to any and all surfaces in our home but I must say I stand corrected. Alex was both diligent and thorough and I’m pleased to not only say I couldn’t have asked for a better job done, but also that I will be recommending this service to all my friends.

Juan Martinez *****

Master Odor Removal was amazing. Alex came out and helped our family that really needed his services on Easter Sunday as we were moving in on Monday. The rental property we leased had a past cigarette smoker and our kids are super sensitive. He did excellent work was very professional and the tobacco odor was gone within a few hours! I would never use anyone else! Prompt courteous and excellent service.

Joonas Isotalo *****

A rental house needed an odor cleanup ASAP from a multitude of STRONG pet odors (including cat urine). I researched online, but most cleaning services did not offer pet odor cleanup. Enter Master Odor Removal. They responded the same day, went there the same evening, and I had the key in hand (with the job done) back the following morning, with some extra helpful tips on the side – all this during a weekend. No more unwanted odors, and nothing but great appreciation left behind. Thank you!

Amarnath Thayyuru *****

Hi Alex was great, he even made last minute adjustments, came and did the job same day, very thorough and great. I used his service at my house, price is also reasonble. Communication is great and i will definetly recommend him.

Lisa Wasageshik *****

I’m absolutely impressed with Alex and his company! I’m new to the area and I had no clue who to call, I found him under my Google search this morning and I called him. I had an electrical fire in my car a month ago and the smell would not go away after all the repairs were done by my insurance company. Alex said he could remove the smell and he offered to come out today, he was at my house within 2 hours and the smell is completely gone!! I’ll be hiring him to remove the stale odor for my boat that I recently purchased!

Brian Fives *****

I bought a used car for my daughter’a 16th birthday. I wanted it to be perfect, and it was, except the prior owner was a smoker. Alex came out and did his thing. The car came out smoke free and smelled perfect afterwards. I would highly recommend Master Odor Removal for any sized odor removal project you may have!

J2theM Olson *****

Alex came out himself and totally took care of our recently purchased vehicle. My wife was ready to return the vehicle because the smell of smoke was still there after the dealership supposedly detailed it twice. Alec came out and on the very first treatment the smell was gone and my wife’s anxiety about the smell of smoke disappeared just like the smell did. Thanks man!

Raymond Weisbein *****

Alex was great. My daughter called him Sunday morning at 11 am to explain the problem we had with my new 2018 Lexus. I spilled gasoline in the rear area during hurricane Irma. For months I tried everything to get the gas odor our of the car. NOTHING WORKED!. The car smelled like a gas station. Alex came out by 2pm and did his magic. He explained the treatment process and went to work. Two hours later the car no longer smelled of gasoline. Incredible!!! Alex is the best. In the future I plan to use Alex for my real estate business. He works wonders and gets out the impossible nasty odors.