Master Odor Removal’s tips on how to eliminate some common household odors and smells – like a musty smelling house, that can be hard to 100% remove for good, not simply cover-up in the interim. We do have locations to help with your hard odor removal problems, though of course we are not everywhere and these are some good pointers and tips to help with some common odor removal tips and odor elimination problems in your home. It is fascinating – according to science, the scent we humans developed first, quicker and more sophisticated was our sense of smell – has something to do with making sure the food our primitive ancestors were about to eat was not spoiled or poisonous. Most “modern” human beings can discern over one million odors and At MOR we all have seen and smelled it all and have been successful at helping our business and private party clients with a “white-glove service” that returns their autos, trucks, SUVs, homes, apartments, boats and businesses’ interiors back to neutral. Though in a pinch if you read the below advice can help do your own odor removal. Now is the best time to rid your home especially of problematic odors as winter may be coming to your area and with it the tendency to keep our windows and doors shut – then the house really starts to magnify the bad odors on top of your new cooking odors and wet winter issues. Even in the south, the humidity changes and we are subject to bacteria thriving and smelling up interiors and air conditioning systems. Here are some odor removal tips that can work wonders!

Remove Stale or Smelly Refrigerator or Freezer Odor

Obviously if you have old takeout boxes are lost behind the new stuff or “someone” left a half an unwrapped onion out – your refrigerator and perhaps your appetite when you open it is going to pay the price. You see the coolant will only circulate the bad smells, regardless that in cold weather smells are somewhat reduced. If you lose your appetite the easy solution is simply as you might already know – buy a couple of boxes of baking soda – cheap and keep in its own box, just rip the top off and it should absorb any staleness or foods that have long gone. It the baking soda is not working quickly enough, go to the pharmacy or hardware or bath type home stores and purchase some activated charcoal – super cheap and put in a container with an opening. The two products will work to help the interior of your refrigerator fresher and back to neutral.

Get rid Garbage Disposal stink?

Besides the fish dinners and spice mash-ups you may use in your personal chopped kitchen, you can be really amazed at the smelly combinations happening in your sink and rotting food combos in the garbage disposal. You have to turn that switch on and run some hot water through it until the sound is just a whirling. Everyone we speak with suggests that you simply run some white vinegar in it while it is grinding away. While this vinegar is not much better it can help. We like to recommend ordinary household laundry bleach. If you are trying to avoid harsh chemicals without VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) the old lemon trick is a winner. Just use the lemon from your drink or from the cooking to night before and try it down the disposal, the peal and all.

Reduce Garbage Can Odor

The first rule is to use a bag every time if you can. The bacteria+moisture+ time can make your home / kitchen receptacle smell like a dumpster pretty quick and often. It is important to obviously empty it even before it may be topped out. If there is an unpleasant odor, try cleaning the can with soap and hot water. We always try to avoid harsh chemicals though it need some industrial cleaner do it. Garbage smells in a kitchen can be a bad way to approach your next meal and will definitely get the bugs coming without an invitation. Eco-Friendly is a good way to go for our homes, and then it could be back to the white vinegar to let soak in then an easy wipe.

That Kitchen, Bedroom, Tool Drawer that keeps Smelling Funky or a musty smell in house.

Everyone has “stuff” in drawers that we have not taken out for years. Musty smell in the house or mildew happens with the combination of dust you have a loaded stink zone. In the case of clothes it could make you smell when you go to wear an item. The easiest thing to do is do a search and seek or a quick dump of everything out and isolate it or clean the drawer with a solution of baking soda and water if really bad, or again just leave some small boxes of it in the corners so it will not spill and smell what happens. Make sure you give it a few hours / days to work. If it spills vacuum up with a vacuum that has a good filter such as a HEPA.

Everyone Loves Having a Dishwasher

MOR gets calls from customers all the time who while wanting odor removal for their homes ask us to service the dishwasher. We are happy to apply our unique patent pending chemicals and totally understand that there is not much more horrid than doing the dishes and opening up the dishwasher and being assaulted by a terrible food or musty or even worse moldy smell. We will always check to filter –yes there is a filter at the bottom to catch food particles that do not make it through the drain and pull the cover to clean and remove any food waste in the trap. Then we suggest to just run the machine while empty but use here it is again two full cups this time of your new go to – white vinegar instead of your dish soap. The first regular washing will take the vinegar smell with the rinse cycle.

Mildew in Your Bathroom – The other cause of a musty smell in the house!

MOR knows bathrooms! Although we are not in the mold remediation business we know mold and mildew love moist places any your wonderful bathrooms are great habitats for mildew and mold to grow and thrive. If you do not have an exhaust fan – get one installed, even an oscillating fan will work if you cannot a proper exhaust fan. Most of our clients have been dealing with this bad odor removal problem for years. Hoping to keep the spores at bay. This is a tough one as you cannot help the fact that wet to dry will always be the cycle in your bathrooms. It’s also important to regularly wash towels and rugs as they get damp. You need to wash the shower curtain and liner in the laundry every once and a while, but make sure not to put the plastic liner in the dryer or it’ll melt, shrink up and have to be thrown away.

Pet and Pet Smells

MOR pets – more pet odors which are a big part of our business: pet urine, pet fur, pet waste are easily removed though our unique and patent –pending process. It is hard to purchase the right product “off the shelf” and at the same time be able to apply it perfectly as per instructions without experiencing the odors returning sooner than later. There are many now that are “green” and we would use, though it is always hard to remove especially pet urine from carpets, walls, or furniture. There are a few tricks beside the handy baking soda trick. If you can air out the furniture once the animals are not going to be in the interior – put it direct sunlight or outside to let the fur and dust dander. Vacuum your furniture. Regardless for their “nose blind” commercials a product like febreze is only a cover-up at best and too be honest, unlike their commercials doesn’t permanently remove odors. If you have an air purifier machines, run it day and night while any treated carpet or furniture is drying.

Tobacco / Cigar / Marijuana / Vape Smoke

MOR knows as all the studies have shown that tobacco and third hand tobacco / cigar smoke can be the worst smell most people would agree is the most offensive – especially to preowned car and home buyers! The tobacco and tar are “sticky” and will last for months and even years if not properly and permanently removed. One easy solution if not that bad is to sprinkle some more of our friend baking soda over the affected area, letting it stay on the fabric / furniture for as many hours as needed. Then simply vacuum up. Any baking soda, ozone or chlorine bomb treatments we do not recommend in vehicles as they are ineffective in a permanent solution, can cause associated health risks, void manufactures warranties and do nothing to treat the air conditioning systems.

At Master Odor Removal we love to help our customers and business clients and really hope you can use some of these odor removal tips to get rid of mild house bound interior smells.

Some Odor Removal Tips

Some Odor Removal Tips