Florida Building Syndrome (FBS) and Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) are terms used to describe a range of non-specific musty and other malodor issues and/or potential health concerns.

Why is my home smelling musty?

Master Odor Removal in this blog post will help others outside of the odor removal business gain insight about Florida Building Syndrome (FBS).

Master Odor Removal receives client calls and services musty and musty mystery odors nearly EVERY WEEK in residential homes / condos and commercial real estate interiors throughout South Florida.

Because Florida is a peninsula, it is surrounded by water on three sides. The seawater is an important source of moisture for the atmosphere. The warm waters around South Florida have a higher evaporation rate, and the warm air retains more moisture than in colder climates.

Spores are virtually everywhere in South Florida air and other states with high RH levels, and Florida homeowners need special vigilance if living close to the ocean, canal or a lake as have an evaporative water source feeding the fungus or mildew. So, what is the standard spore count? The average spore count is between 200 and 500 per cubic meter of air (sp/m3).

A spore is a cell that certain fungi, plants and bacteria produce and create musty odors when involved in reproduction. Certain bacteria make spores as a way to defend themselves, have thick walls and give off musty odors as they reproduce by venting spores into the air. They can resist high temperatures, humidity, house-hold cleaners and other environmental conditions.

How does Master Odor Removal find the source and solve musty odor real estate and mystery musty home odor problems?

Diagnosing a MUSTY odor problem in South Florida homes or offices as Florida Building Syndrome (FBS) involves a process of simple elimination by our Master Odor Removal Service Professionals.

If you do not have a previous or current water leak, storm damage, previous or current plumbing issues or A/C drainage problems, extensive visible mildew or mold, REMEMBER our interior spaces are always subject to “infection” from fungus, or mildew spores, your home is infected. It is that simple!

Using a UV/Blacklight inspection protocol could show living patches of the growth in walls and flooring, although in 1920s-1980s and even more recent construction, the results of this testing may be limited, and cannot be visually inspected – although present by virtue of smelling it!

Generally, the odor causing bacteria is microscopic in nature creating a super musty, or mystery musty odor experienced when first walking into the home / condo and it is very likely to be present in fabrics, furniture, linens, and clothing too.


When relative humidity is above 60% it creates a productive environment for spores already in air to multiple and gain a hold or footing in broad spaces of ceiling, walls, grout, and flooring, infecting the A/C system along the way.

If the A/C system is broken, or off for even a few days – the clock is ticking on not if but how soon these types of bacteria are going to create a stale and / or musty odor in the home.

Once established the “infection or colony” will continue to thrive if remediation odor removal is not used.

Florida Building Syndrome (FBS) doesn’t have a specific set of diagnostic criteria or a single identifiable cause; instead, it is a collection of symptoms that may be related to various factors associated with the indoor environment. Symptoms that individuals experience while spending time in a particular building or enclosed space with Florida Building Syndrome can include:

Bothersome odor issues
Eye, nose, or throat irritation
Dizziness or nausea
Skin rashes or irritation
Respiratory discomfort, such as coughing or wheezing
Difficulty concentrating or thinking clearly
General discomfort or malaise

FBS is often associated with older, cement only built homes, although with the changing climate even in ultra-modern, energy-efficient buildings can experience this odor issues, as they may have limited ventilation and / or lack of fresh air.

Master Odor Removal has vast experience treating musty home odor issues! We are experts in treating Florida Building Syndrome and Sick Building Syndrome in residential and commercial real estate settings. We use our two-step molecular chemical system directly on the ceilings, walls, floors, grout, doors, cabinets, bathrooms, showers, tubs and then treat the A/C coils and duct systems, effectively killing the spores and returning your interiors to “neutral”.

We also offer guidance on maintaining this new neutral in your home!

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Master Odor Removal is in a niche business category, i.e. the firm only does odor removal. Consumers typically have not had any real exposure to odor removal specialists. Real estate professionals, auto dealerships, and the general public for the most part only know that if they had a tobacco, pet or food odor problems, hiring a maid service for a deep house cleaning or auto detailing without any guarantees regarding chemicals used or real effectiveness was the only option. With the continuous release of new scientific studies regarding the toxic nature of retail chemicals used as air fresheners and cover-ups, the company realizes they are already in line with green practices, which seamlessly added to the narrative for Master Odor Removal as being the best choice for odor elimination service.