Hello this is Mary Komatz.

“I thought I’d bring a little different perspective of the MOR business to the page. We found Master Odor Removal service online and used it for our teenager’s car. The product worked great and solved the problem. My husband, Scott Komatz, met Alex that day and was “schooled’ in the chemical process. Alex went into detail about the product and how it worked, etc.

“I need to make mention that my husband had been employed as a District Manager at a well known company for a little over 25 years. He decided to leave the corporate world and wanted to start his own business. I will say, I was not looking for that situation in our life as one of our boys was a freshman in college.”

“Not to say luck be it, but it was in that we needed another service call on the vehicle. Alex again serviced the vehicle with success. Scott proceeded to ask more about the product and business. It was then that he approached me with the MOR business idea. My initial thoughts went everywhere from here’s a guy that has worn a tie to work everyday since I have met him, to a guy who will wear shorts to work!”

“I immediately dove into all and every social media, advertisement, and web sites I could find to look into the Master Odor Removal business. I was hesitant for us to invest in a chemical as I am in the pharmaceutical business. I looked into the product for safety and effectiveness.”

“I found the reputation of the company along with the marketing materials, to be of high quality. After much due diligence, we chose to invest in the business.”

“Alex has been and continues to be an integral part of owning and being a part of the business. His enthusiasm, knowledge, willingness to help, and an overall awesome business leader is what drives and will continue to for Master Odor Removal.

“Scott had initialed struggled going from the corporate world to the service world, but I believe with the help and support from Alex will continue to succeed above and beyond.”

Wishing all a very successful business!