At Master Odor Removal across the US, we get every odor issue service requests you can imagine! These are a few of our favorite emails requesting our unique odor removal process.

1. My cat urinated in the backseat of mY car while i was rushing it for emergency medical trEatment. Ugh!!! Help!!!

2. multiple cats, dogs visited. Need to lay a floor and need the remnant smell emliminated first

3. Spilled gasoline in the back of our car during Hurricane Irma prep, SO STRONG. Saw your video with another customer’s gas spill, Please call me today to schedule. THANK YOU!

4. we are PURCHASING a house with cat urine on basement subfloor. the odor is permeating the entire HOUSE. we think that is the source of the odor but there might be other urine areas we
are not aware of.

5. Hello! My Realtor referred for a problem odor I have in my home. Thank you so much!

6. I spilled some dirty water from a steam cleaner in my jeep. It’s not extremely bad but it’s noticeable and I spend a lot of time in my car. How does your service work? I work odd hours
and every day but I need some help with this sooner rather than later.
7. Coming up in late March I will need cigarette odor removed from a new listing. I once had a person that had an ozonator that worked remarkably well on a condo with smoking odors….

8. The baby formula spilled and after cleaning, it now is in the Air Conditioning of our SUV, REALLY! Please call us ASAP.

9. Need to get rid smoke odor in newly purchased vehicle at Bentley.

10. Discoloring, mold, water spill and smell from trunk.

11. Liquid from crab legs seeped into back seat cushions

12. Spilled fish oil fertilizer in the back of my CRV, my wife refuses to get back in the car! Please call ASAP!

13. Car odor from Trash, someone stole and lived in the car.

14. Animal died in A/C somehow, took to dealership, replaced everything……can’t bear to drive it unless top is down. willing to take car to you WHERE EVER YOU ARE!

15. Roof damaged during Hurrican Irma, RATS in attic spaces, terrible odor, can you help?????