Columbus, Ohio– By reinforcing their consistent values of environmental responsibility and public health awareness, Master Odor Removal™ has added their Columbus location to their growing list of certified green businesses.

Green Business Bureau is a national membership organization that utilizes assessments to certify green businesses. Master Odor Removal hopes to explore more ways that contribute to the goal of being the most environmentally responsible and ethically engaged SME in the industry.

Tina Probasco, proprietor and licensee of the Columbus operation, states, “I chose Master Odor Removal because it is a Green Certified Business as well as a business I could operate either by myself or with additional staff. It is a business I can do well into and past retirement age. I was looking for a business I could purchase on the web and Master Odor Removal was the first one that came up.  I spoke with the founder of the company, Alex Sevren, and he was candid, funny and engaging. I spoke with several other licensees that have territories and they could not say enough great things about the business and the company. I have been with Subway sandwiches as business consultant for over thirty years and a franchisee since 2001. My goal for Master Odor Removal is to build a very customer-service-oriented odor removal business in the Columbus Metro with a great clientele for years to come!”

Master Odor Removal™ is in a niche business category, i.e. the firm only does odor removal. Consumers typically have not had any real exposure to odor removal specialists. Real estate professionals, auto dealerships, and the general public for the most part only know that if they had a tobacco, pet or food odor problems, hiring a maid service for a deep house cleaning or auto detailing without any guarantees regarding chemicals used or real effectiveness was the only option. With the continuous release of new scientific studies regarding the toxic nature of retail chemicals used as air fresheners and cover-ups, the company realizes they are already in line with green practices, which seamlessly added to the narrative for Master Odor Removal as being the best choice for odor elimination service.

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