It’s understandable that with all the many people visiting hotels and AirBnbs that odors may develop in the rooms from body odors, moisture, cooking odors, foods, or tobacco smoke. The fumes and odors adhere to the walls or ceiling and get embedded in the carpet, the furniture, the drapes and the bedding.

Master Odor Removal™ has a unique process that extremely effective in removing these odors. Most hotels and AirBnbs have rooms designated as non-smoking and at times the occupant may smoke tobacco / cigar / vapes / marijuana.

Simply cleaning the room will not eliminate odors from a cigarette since the fumes penetrate the furniture, fabrics, and smoke residue attaches to the walls and other surfaces.

We can help save you from costly turndowns, renovations and cancelled bookings. We provide official inspection and service documentation for reimbursement! 



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