Odor Removal Case Study: Tobacco Tar & Smoke Odor Removal After 20 Years

In June 2018, Master Odor Removal successfully completed an odor removal service of a residence that had been chain-smoked in for 20 years. The yellow coat of tar (3rd hand smoke) was evident on the ceiling, walls and fixtures. The home-owner was desperate to save money and time and NOT PAINT OVER THE PROBLEM, knowing that it would not work. We were called and came out the next day, as the owner did not want to reduce the asking price because of the tobacco odors.

Smoking in a home can reduce that property’s resale value by up to 29 percent, according to realtor.com®.

Sellers are not required to disclose that someone smoked inside a home.

NOTE* Tobacco smoke is made up of gases and particulates, including carcinogens and heavy metals, like arsenic, lead, and cyanide. Sticky, toxic substances, like nicotine and tar, cling to walls and ceilings. Gases are absorbed into carpets, draperies, and other surfaces. Tobacco residue is present in dust and on surfaces throughout places where smoking has occurred. This toxic sticky residue can reemit (off-gas) back into the air and recombine to form harmful substances that remain at high levels long after smoking has stopped. Nicotine in thirdhand smoke forms carcinogens (cancer-causing substances), which are then inhaled, absorbed or ingested by tenants.3 Exposure to thirdhand smoke poses health problems, including increasing the risk of respiratory illnesses.

We used our standard and proven process and treated the ceilings, walls, and floors with our Patent-Pending 1st Step Process to saturate the paint with 2-3 applications, which PULL the tar out of the paint, door jambs, blinds, lighting fixtures. Our process is hand applied and checked until the treated, ceiling and walls run “clear”.
We also treated the air conditioning unit and filled the vehicle with our unique fog that penetrates at .15 microns, leaving no residue or trace behind after drying.

  • Tar from 3RD hand smoke was removed from paint, smoke odors remediated and air quality tested.
  • Air Conditioning was serviced with 2ND Step Process.
  • Time was of the essence and discretion is paramount, as the home was about to go on the market with open house showings.
  • Master Odor Removal’s professionalism, approach and technical expertise enabled the seller’s and real estate agent to not disclose that a smoker had lived in the home for 20 years – WITHOUT REDUCING THE PRICE!

Therefore, unlike competing technologies which address odor problems with gas solutions COULD NEVER EXTRACT TAR FROM PAINTED SURFACES or ozone machines that typically increase the possibility of adding additional odors and not solving the primary odor concern; Master Odor Removal’s unique inspection protocols and subsequent application of our 2-Step Molecular process effectively offsets any additional client costs while simultaneously increasing the expected odor removal we guarantee.